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Smoke Vents




When it comes to keeping emergency and escape routes free of smoke gas, the use of automated louvre windows solutions is particularly advisable. They make it possible to efficiently keep emergency and escape routes smoke-gas-free. This helps rescue teams get to the scene quickly and successfully evacuate everyone from the building, thereby significantly reducing the risk of suffocation. The Ventlam smoke vents system ventilator of installation in vertical façade, provides an economic, non-powered method of ventilation, allowing the removal of large quantities of warm air and/or smoke from a building. The Ventlam is particularly suitable for use in industrial and commercial buildings where low cost natural ventilation with or without natural lighting is required. The smoke vent is fa.ade frame and blade profiles with thermally insulated composite of aluminum and PA6.6 profiles filling of 2-glazing framed only sideways.


The Ventlam is a louvre windows consist of one or several superimposed blades that open on a horizontal axis of rotation as an oscillating wing. There by the blades part below the pivot axis opens to the outside and the upper part to the inside. In general the pivot axis is mounted centered, but can be shifted up to 1/3 – 2/3 if necessary. Standard with 78º opening angle, if necessary 0-90º. No matter whether in public, business or private areas, safety is an important issue for all building planners. The foremost principle is that the people who use a building should not come to any harm.


This system is the first choice whenever the highest specifications apply for heat insulation, beauty of appearance and sheer individuality. Installation in vertical façade, frame and blade profiles with thermally insulated composite of aluminum and profiles, filling of 2-glazing or panel framed glazing all-round.


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