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Smoke Curtains




BACHSMOKE DHA is an Automatic Smoke Curtain that in the case of fire, limits and controls the movement of smoke, with classification DH180.
The curtain is composed by: fiberglass fabric with polyurethane coating on both sides seamed with reinforced steel wire and fixed to a steel roller of 78mm of diameter; galvanized steel elements as headbox, side guides and bottom bar. All the system is driven by a 24Vdc tubular motor and controlled by an electronic board, BACH’s CRM (Control and Regulation for Motor) with special gravity fail safe system. The control panel for automatic curtains (CBM), with nominal input voltage of 115Vac or 220Vac and output voltage of 24Vdc. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS System) with autonomy up to 6 hours exists in all control panels.

Tested and approved according to the European Standard UNE EN 12101-1 and with CE Marking.


The system can be activated by a SHEV, fire alarm contact, internal fire and smoke detection devices, or manual emergency buttons. In the event of a fire, the BACH’s Control Panel (CBM), receives the signal alarm, and the automatic curtain deploys automatically, with controlled and safe constant speed of descent even following total power loss on all curtains. If there is a false alarm the curtains return to stand-by position automatically after reset of alarm from main Fire Management Systems. In case of main power loss, the curtain will remain fully retracted up to 6 hours thanks to BACH’s battery back-up system.


The fiberglass fabric resists up to 1100ºC. The polyurethane coating on both sides guarantees mechanical stability when handling the fabric not only in the sewing process but also during the installation. All seams are done with reinforced stainless steel wires with a coating of Kevlar.

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