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centiva - June 3, 2019 - 0 comments

BACH provided Deloitte new headquarters, in Lisbon, with a fire-resistant compartmentation system

Helping to consolidate a daring arquitectural project, BACH installed in the new headquarter of Deloitte, in Lisbon, a system with hidden curtains provided with a fix bezel to the false to the false ceiling that allows to hide the entire technological solution and help to create architectural environments without visual obstacle and with the guarantee of operation in case of fire.

The project belongs to the OPENBOOK Architecture atelier, the construction was done by the company TECNIARTE, and BACH collaborated with these two entities in the materialization of the project of the Deloitte’s new office, the Deloitte Hub, in Lisbon, which fill in space of 12000sqm of a modern building in Amoreiras area.

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