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bach - August 29, 2019 - 0 comments

BACH collaborates in the design for NSHEV for the new AVE train station in León.

BACH in collaboration with the architecture and with the project engineering on the selection of the smoke evacuation systems for the new AVE station in León.

This project will transform the urban environment of the city of León by implementing on the underground more than a kilometer of train track, the renovation and rehabilitation of the marquee of the old station and the construction of a pedestrian walkway on the surface with a distribution of colored translucent skylights that will provide to the station a new and modernist design.

BACH will install our smoke evacuation systems Luvia and Devea, with more than 225 units and with the same colored glass as the skylight where they are installed, achieving a perfect harmony between the safety and esthetic of this new and innovative project. In addition, inside the platforms, more than 325 m2 of automatic smoke barriers Bachsmoke DA and 150 m2 of fire curtains Bachfire EW Plus fire curtains have been installed, completing the whole solution with our systems.

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