Smoke Vents System:



Product features
The LUVIA is a window ventilator suitable for natural day to day ventilation and smoke control. The attractive aesthetics together with its technical properties make it a special solution for glass roofs applications. LUVIA has a very compact construction, thermally broken frames and a  wide range of flaps infills.  Various opening systems are available.


Typical Applications
Particularly suitable for applications on glazed roof constructions. The opening angle of the window in relation to horizontal plane dependes on the selected stroke lenght for the control mechanism and is variable up to 90º.

Installations: logistics centres; shopping centres; atria, offices, etc.


Characteristics and Advantages

Main features off the system
  • Tempered aluminium, sea water corrosion resistent AIMg3
  • Both the outer frame and flap frame are thermally broken
  • The frame is sealed with EPDM rubbers
Tests and Standarts
  • The system has been tested and is certified in accordance with EN 12101-2


Technical Sheets

pdfTechnical Sheet LUVIA