Fire Protection Doors:



Product features
EIS SHELTER is fire and bruglar resistance steel door, developed from the construction models - System Schröders ESN-1 and SISAF System Schröders EIS-1

Composed of:

  • frame in 1,5 mm thick steel, cold profiled and built by welding
  • it includes the intumescent joint and peripheral caulking rubber joint fitted, 68 mm thick leaf
  • built by welding
  • made in a 1,25 mm thick electro galvanized steel sheet
  • strengthened internally with a 3 mm thick steel sheet and filled in with thermal insulation plaster and mineral fibers -based materials
  • peephole
  • two System hinges fixed by welding
  • hinge shaft in 16 mm diameter massive steel
  • with movement on bearings


Manufacturing dimensions

  EIS Shelter
Width(mm) 625 mm to 1500 mm
Height(mm) 1725 mm to 3000 mm



Certificates SISAF system Schroders EIS 1

Smoke protection Sa/Sm tested in accordance with EN 1634-3
Classifed in accordance with EN 13501-2
Airtightness Up to class 4, according to EN 12207 optional
Resistance to wind load Up to class C5, according to EN 12210 optional
Watertightness Up to class 8A, according to EN 12208 optional
Resistance to positive and negative pressure Up to 5000 Pa optional



Technical Sheets

pdfTechnical Sheet SHELTER