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About us



Bach Background

For more than 25 years, the TESTA Group has invested in research and development of passive fire protection systems, affirming itself as a reference Group in the sector. BACH as part of the Group has benefited from the know-how acquired and the sharing of knowledge among all the companies and teams of the TESTA Group, allowing the realization of fire protection projects in more than 30 countries.

BACH is a leader in the Iberian market, based in Madrid and with two factories, one in Spain and another in Portugal. The exports represent around 70% of the company turnover, with key partners in France, Norway, Turkey, Italy, Brazil and Portugal. BACH was integrated into the TESTA Group in 2009.

Production Facilities

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Mission & Value Statement

"We want to be a reference in the market based on our commitment towards creating value, from the development of products and innovative solutions to their certification, with the single objective of ensuring the safety of people and buildings”

Corporate Values:

BACH’s vision, which brings together the economic, social and environmental aspects, is based on the following:

1. Ethics and corporate responsibility: BACH is committed to the best corporate governance practices, to principles of business ethics, and to transparency in all of the company’s fields of endeavor.

2. Respect for people: Respect for people within the company is always present, since they’re BACH’s most valuable assets.

3. Respect for the environment: The focus on the respect for the environment is one of the pillars of BACH, a factor that distinguishes the company from its peers, within the market. This is reinforced by the current process of implementing an environmental management system in the company.

4. Sense of belonging and trust: BACH strives to establish firm and permanent ties with customers, partners, laboratories, regulators, engineers, architects and other professionals through an ongoing dialogue. BACH wants to be a company capable of inspiring trust among all involved agents.

5. Safety, reliability and certifications: BACH strives to offer a safe, reliable and certified range of products and services. The certification of each product is made by independent and recognized laboratories that can ensure the safety of people and buildings.

6. Innovation: BACH promotes the continuous improvement and innovation to achieve the highest quality of products and services.

7. Customer support: BACH strives to learn about the needs and expectations of its customers, working to improve, continuously, their satisfaction levels and the quality of the company-customer relationship. BACH’s objective is to provide the best quality in their products and services, complying with all the existing regulatory obligations.